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Below you can follow the progress that Rheumatology for all has made.

Fall 2021 Update – A letter from one of our volunteers

Our volunteers and donors are key to our success.  Here we share a note written by Paul Caldron, D.O., recently retired from Arizona Arthritis Associates In June 2017, The Rheumatologist published a piece related to the dearth of rheumatology services in African countries and included reference to the experiences of Michele Meltzer, MD in Ethiopia… Read More »

Spring 2021 Update

Our mission to increase access to rheumatology care in resource-limited areas has taken a huge leap forward: Becky Adugna and Birhanu Desyiblelew have completed their rheumatology training in Durbin, South Africa, and have established the first Rheumatology Unit at Tikur Ambessa Hospital in Ethiopia. Next, they plan within a year to strengthen the rheumatology unit… Read More »

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